Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2001 Remembered

When the events on 9/11 happened I was working in a busy call center in Pennsylvania.  At the time there were over one hundred customers in the queue waiting to be helped.  Within minutes of first plane hitting the World Trade Center our customers in queue dropped down to none.  At first we had no idea what was going on.  Initially we believed our phone system went down.  It wasn't until we had a few calls trickle in from customers that we started to get a clue as to what happened.  Then someone who sat near me, who had internet connection (the majority of us didn't) looked it up to keep the rest of us in the loop.  I think most of us were dumbfounded at first.  I remember someone running from the call center floor because she knew someone who worked in the World Trade Center.

I sat across from a Muslim girl.  In the early moments of the tragedy we didn't yet know who was responsible.  She was the first to say she believed Muslims were going to be blamed for it.  I am someone who would rather believe the best about people, so I wanted to dismiss her fears.  I think initially I did.  Then the reports began to trickle as to who was behind the attacks.

When my shift was over I went to see my horse.  There, at the stable where I boarded my horse, it finally sunk in in full force as to the horrors happened that day.  That's when I broke down.  I didn't lose anyone personally that day, but my heart broke for all who did.

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